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Why are you treating us like this?'; Reports claim BP agents questioned fatal shooting investigation

Why Are you treating us like this?

By Maggie Vespa. CREATED Jul 22, 2014


It was bloodshed in the desert at the hands of a Border Patrol agent. It happened in May.  Now, we are getting a never before seen look into the moments following that deadly shooting, including crime scene photos. In them, you can see the Border Patrols vehicles used that night to track down the driver of a drug-filled Jeep. In these photos, it's parked yards from where he died. But these photos aren't the only new details to emerge. We're also getting a look at two very different takes as to how the investigation into this shooting went down. In 230 pages of case reports, details boil down to deputies saying BP agents were uncooperative. This, as BP agents say deputies violated their consitutional rights. It started with one man: Jose Luis Arambula. On the afternoon of May 30, reports show he led deputies on a high speed chase from I-19 to a Green Valley golf course. After Arambula abandoned his car and fled, reports say, he was shot and killed by Border Patrol agent Daniel Marquez. Now, the aftermath of that deadly moment is under a microscope. Sheriff's reports detail how BP agents not involved in the shooting questioned the investigation, saying, "Why are they taking the clothing?... Why do they need to do this?... We are all cops, why are you treating us like this? Investigators write "...none of the other Border Patrol agents seemed to understand that we were obtaining evidence..." adding Border Patrol agents later told deputies "...they do not have training in their academy on what would happen after an officer involved shooting. 9OYS sat down with the president of the local Border Patrol union and Agent Marquez's attorney to discuss these reports. "To say that we're not properly trained is outrageous," said Art Del Cueto, President of the local 2544. They argue BP agents do train for the aftermath of such a shooting, adding it was sheriff's deputies who were in the wrong. "I've been an attorney for 25 years and i've never seen a situation where a person is denied access to their attorney for three hours, which is what happened in this case," said Sean Chapman. "We would hope that the agents wouldn't get treated any differently than normal citizens.  The question is would a normal citizen have been treated that way?" said Del Cueto.

Sean Chapman

Over the last 25 years, Sean C. Chapman has earned a reputation as a highly skilled, effective, and honest trial attorney in Arizona.  He has won some of the most significant high profile cases in Tucson in the last decade. As a federal prosecutor from 1997 to 2004, he was responsible for the trial and convictions of corrupt law enforcement officials and violent criminals.  As a defense attorney, he has tried and won several significant cases including two cases where U.S. Border Patrol agents were wrongly charged with murder.


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