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I thank Mr. Chapman so very much from the depths of my heart...

Mr. Chapman represented my daughter in a drug case in 2008. She received 5 years probation and no jail time as a result of his work. His work was not in vain. True story and a funny part of our first meeting of Mr. Chapman: The first day when all public defenders were initially meeting with their clients, I sat in the courtroom "sizing" up all the public defenders. They came in all shapes and sizes, and honestly, as they each came in and called their clients' name ... I was beginning to get worried because they just didn't have that strong first impression. They looked beat, worn, tired, and frumpy. Mr. Chapman was the last one to come in and when he called my daughters name, I felt so relieved; this before we were even introduced. He did not disappoint with his professionalism and confidence. I knew my daughter was good hands. My daughter had her probation reduced to 2.5 years due to her keeping a clean record, enrolling in school, etc. She has finished 2 years of college, is in an internship at a reputable restaurant in Cave Creek, AZ and will be having a graduation ceremony in September 2014. Needless to say, I attribute her "second chance" to Sean Chapman's professional work, his interest in her case and so much more that he brought to this case. The timing of this event that my daughter got herself into, was not good, as my son had also passed just months prior to her incident. It all worked out. I was so distraught during the legal journey, but today, I'm thankful for everything. Thank you also for the work you do. I know very well how important supporting staff are.I thank Mr. Chapman so very much, from the depths of my heart. God Bless you and yours and your staff. VL (former client)

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