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Notable Cases

U.S. v. Waggoner/U.S. v. Taylor

In these cases, Mr. Chapman successfully prosecuted two individuals who brutally murdered a DEA informant in Tucson in retaliation for the informant's agreement to testify against members of a drug organization. Both defendants are now serving life sentences in federal prison.  As a result of this prosecution, Mr. Chapman received a "Directors Award" by the Department of Justice for "superior performance" as a federal prosecutor.

News Articles related to this case

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Sean Chapman

Over the last 25 years, Sean C. Chapman has earned a reputation as a highly skilled, effective, and honest trial attorney in Arizona.  He has won some of the most significant high profile cases in Tucson in the last decade. As a federal prosecutor from 1997 to 2004, he was responsible for the trial and convictions of corrupt law enforcement officials and violent criminals.  As a defense attorney, he has tried and won several significant cases including two cases where U.S. Border Patrol agents were wrongly charged with murder.
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