White Collar Crimes

Sophisticated Defense for Professionals Charged with a White Collar Crime

The Law Office of Sean C. Chapman, P.C., provides strong, effective criminal defense on behalf of people in the Tucson area and throughout Arizona who've been charged with what the media has termed “white collar crimes” — embezzlement, fraud, Internet crimes and other serious offenses. Our firm represents clients accused of federal charges in Arizona and throughout the United States.

With Federal Charges, Your Best Defense is a Proactive Defense

Your rights, reputation and career are on the line. Discuss your case with an experienced criminal defense lawyer right away, even if charges have not been formally filed. In the Tucson area, dial (520)-389-6870.

Our law firm provides relentless defense for clients under investigation or facing federal charges involving white collar crimes, including:

  • Identity theft, including credit card fraud and writing bad checks
  • Fraud, such as mail or wire fraud, bank fraud, mortgage fraud or other forms of fraud
  • Embezzlement, accounting fraud (cooking the books) or employee theft
  • Internet crimes, including Internet sex crimes, computer fraud, illegal gaming or other crimes
  • Other white collar crimes, such as money laundering, conspiracy and RICO cases

Criminal Defense Lawyer Sean Chapman:A Former Prosecutor with More Than 20 Years of Experience

As a former prosecutor who has been practicing in the state and federal courts of Arizona since 1988 — attorney Sean Chapman knows what the government must do to meet their burden of proof. He is familiar with the resources they have at their disposal. He knows how they go about trying to build cases and obtain convictions.

Today, in private practice, Sean Chapman uses this experience to anticipate the prosecution's strategies, to identify weaknesses in the government's case and to build strong defenses on behalf of his clients. In representing you, he'll do the same and work vigorously to obtain the best possible results on your behalf, whether you are facing a federal indictment involving a major drug smuggling and money laundering scheme or suspect you are under investigation for fraud charges.

This Defense Doesn't RestLocal: (520)-389-6870

Charged with fraud, embezzlement or other white collar crime? Under investigation? We can help. Call our Tucson, Arizona, law office to schedule a free initial consultation, or contact us online, and we'll get back to you as soon as we're able.