Property Crimes

Property crime is a broad term that encompasses many different specific criminal acts — shoplifting, vandalism, burglary and car theft included. Property crimes can be classified as misdemeanors or as felonies.

What's important to remember right now is that no matter how bad you think your situation looks after the arrest — the picture will likely get worse without the advice and representation an experienced defense lawyer can provide.

At the Law Office of Sean C. Chapman, our experience in the state and federal courts of Arizona would be a valuable asset to have on your side in the weeks and months to come. If you or someone close to you, maybe even your son or daughter, has been charged with a property-related crime — call us at (520)-389-6870.

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Criminal Defense Lawyer Sean Chapman:
A Former Prosecutor With More Than 20 Years of Experience

Whatever the charges, at our firm you or your loved one will be personally represented by a former Assistant U.S. Attorney who has more than 20 years of criminal trial experience in the courts of Arizona. That attorney is Sean Chapman.

Mr. Chapman is very familiar with both the state and federal court systems here, and as a former prosecutor, he understands how the government approaches these cases. After listening to you tell your story and carefully reviewing the facts — Mr. Chapman will give you an honest, objective assessment of the situation and explain the options that may be available. Then, once you have decided what the ultimate goal should be, we'll put in the time, attention and hard work to strive to make it happen.