Murder & Homicide

Every criminal case that involves the death of another human being is unique.

At the Law Office of Sean C. Chapman, we know that you're not just a defendant, that you're a human being and that your side of the story is important. Tell us what has happened and we'll tell you how we can help. Call us at (520)-389-6870, or contact us online and we can make whatever arrangements are necessary for us to meet.

Experience That Matters

Whether the charges are capital murder, felony murder (with the possibility of the death penalty), or vehicular homicide or manslaughter – your defense will include an experienced team of professionals whose job it will be to conduct a thorough and independent investigation of the facts and to evaluate the government's case for potential weaknesses.

At our firm, this team starts with attorney Sean C. Chapman. Mr. Chapman is a former prosecutor who has been trying state and federal criminal cases in the courts of Arizona since 1988. Over the course of that career, he has had extensive experience with cases involving violent crimes such as murder – both as a prosecutor and as a defense lawyer.

Our ultimate goal is to secure the best possible results for you under the circumstances. Leaving no stone unturned, Mr. Chapman will also work with professional investigators, forensic specialists, criminalists, pathologists, self-defense experts and others to do just that. Based on what we find and our honest, objective assessment of the case – you may choose to have us negotiate for reduced charges or sentencing mitigation, or opt to take the case to trial and seek full vindication.

Regardless, you can feel confident that we can fight to protect and defend your rights.

This Defense Doesn't Rest
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