Internet Crimes

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Many people mistakenly believe that when an email is deleted, when a computer file is erased or when the Internet history has been cleared, the evidence is no longer there. However, evidence on your computer's hard drive is like a paper trail of evidence that can't be burned. The prosecutors have experts that know how to extract this evidence from your computer.

When you are facing Internet crime charges involving computer sex crimes, fraud or other computer crime, you need a lawyer with the experience and resources necessary to level the playing field and confront what you're up against. Contact the Law Office of Sean C. Chapman, P.C., in Tucson, Arizona, for a free consultation with an attorney who can provide the relentless defense counsel you need.

Benefit from the Experience of a Former Prosecutor on Your Side

Attorney Sean Chapman is a former Assistant U.S. Attorney who has been practicing law since 1988. He has the knowledge, practical experience and skill to know what the prosecution will use in preparing their case and how to counter those tactics in your defense strategy.

We provide relentless criminal defense representation to clients facing state and federal charges for Internet crimes involving:

  • Internet solicitation of a minor: Luring a minor over the Internet for sex is a crime that has increased focus by law enforcement and prosecutors over the years. Law enforcement officers stage chat room conversations in Internet sex stings to collect damaging evidence and obtain convictions.
  • Child pornography: Any email, picture, video or other graphic involving indecent images of a minor can be considered child pornography. Whether you viewed an image on your computer by simply opening an email attachment, clicking on a Web page, or you forwarded the information to someone else, you could face life-altering criminal charges for possession or distribution of child pornography. We handle cases involving possession, distribution or production of child pornography.
  • Internet theft/larceny crimes: The Internet has brought about the technology for computer hackers to monitor Internet usage and collect private information, such as credit card numbers and other important information used to commit credit card fraud and identity theft. We aggressively defend clients facing allegations involving phishing, stealing someone else's identity and using their information for personal gain.
  • Other Internet crimes: Our criminal defense firm also handles Internet crimes involving cyber stalking, eBay scams, Internet gambling, invasion of privacy and other computer crimes.