Federal Drug Charges

The Law Office of Sean C. Chapman, P.C., provides aggressive federal drug charges defense on behalf of people in the Tucson area, the rest of Arizona and throughout the United States.

Federal drug charges may be filed in situations where:

  • The quantity of drugs involved is very large
  • The drug crime is the violation of a federal statute
  • The drug crime occurred on federal property
  • The drug crime had federal involvement (examples include crimes taking part during federally regulated activities, situations where the accused is a federal employee or where the U.S. Postal system was used)

What's important to know about all of these situations and about every type of federal drug charge is this: A federal drug offense conviction may expose you to the strict federal sentencing guidelines and a long, mandatory term of confinement in federal prison.

Don't wait for that to happen. Take a crucial step toward protecting your rights and contact us by e-mail or call our Tucson, Arizona, office at (520)-389-6870 today. We provide relentless criminal defense for clients facing federal drug charges involving:

  • Drug possession and possession with intent to sell (involving high quantities of marijuana, heroin, cocaine and other illegal substances)
  • Drug trafficking and distribution of illegal drugs and prescription narcotics
  • Operation of a meth lab or possession of materials to manufacture methamphetamines
  • Prescription drug fraud involving writing illegal prescriptions, possessing large quantities of and trafficking prescription drugs
  • Drug conspiracy, including conspiracy to smuggle in drugs, conspiracy to distribute or conspiracy to commit other serious drug crimes

For general information on drug laws and the legal issues associated with state and federal drug cases, take a few moments to check out our Drug Charges Information Center.

Experience in the Federal Criminal Courts is Important

State drug cases and federal drug cases are two very different types of cases. In federal court, the right to review government evidence and interview witnesses prior to trial is severely limited; as a consequence pretrial investigation by the defense is extremely important.

It is critical to have representation by an experienced attorney willing to do the necessary work and investigation prior to trial. Sean Chapman has substantial experience in federal courts, both as a criminal defense attorney and as a former federal prosecutor. Sean knows the federal system very well and has credibility with its prosecutors and courts. He also understands how to effectively protect your rights within it. He will work hard to achieve the best possible results on your behalf.