Drug Trafficking

In many states, drug trafficking prosecutions are few and far between. In Arizona, this is not the case. Here, it's a fairly common occurrence for people to be caught with large quantities of illegal drugs, especially near the border our state shares with Mexico.

A by-product of that fact is that state and federal prosecutors in Arizona have had a lot of practice, and they have become very good at putting the necessary evidence together in drug trafficking and distribution cases and convincing judges or juries to convict.

At the Law Office of Sean C. Chapman, we can provide you with the experienced, aggressive criminal defense representation you need to help even the odds and work to minimize the potential consequences a drug trafficking or manufacturing charge can carry. For a free initial consultation about your drug trafficking case — call our Tucson, Arizona, criminal law office directly or contact us online, and we'll get back to you as soon as we're able.

Striving to Achieve the Best Possible Outcome in Your Drug Case

Whether your case involves marijuana, crack cocaine, heroin, meth or illegal prescription drugs — there are any number of possible outcomes. With the right attorney and a strong defense strategy, the drug charges could end up being dismissed. You might go to trial and be acquitted. An acceptable plea may be offered.

As a former Assistant U.S. Attorney, Sean Chapman knows how prosecutors build their cases and how to build an effective defense against drug trafficking charges. In representing you, he'll look closely at the evidence, identify the legal and factual problems facing the prosecution and find ways to leverage those “weaknesses” into a bottom line result you can accept.

Arizona Highway Searches

Charges involving drug trafficking, transport for sale or drug smuggling often arise out of some form of a traffic stop. Law enforcement knows which Arizona highways and interstates are known as drug corridors. Therefore, if an officer is alerted to any suspicious activity — from erratic driving to simply driving a rental car — the officer will find some reason to pull you over, and eventually, to conduct a search of your vehicle for illegal drugs being smuggled.

Drugs confiscated from your car do not have to result in a drug trafficking conviction. When you are represented by our criminal defense law firm, you can rest assured knowing that you'll have the benefit of attorney Sean Chapman's two decades of experience and insight into how cases such as yours are prepared. He will meticulously analyze the traffic stop to determine if your constitutional rights were violated and if an illegal search of your vehicle was performed. If the search was not warranted, the confiscated drugs cannot be used to convict you.