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Based in Tucson, AZ, but serving all of Arizona and nationwide, with respect to federal charges — the Law Office of Sean C. Chapman, P.C., provides strong and effective legal representation on behalf of individuals facing serious criminal charges.

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Specific Types of State & Federal Criminal Charges:

Arizona drug charges

State drug charges carry serious penalties and the potential for long prison sentences. It is critical to have a skilled and experienced lawyer working on your behalf. Read More »

Federal drug charges

Conviction on a federal drug charge carries harsh penalties. In these cases, attorney Sean Chapman's experience as a federal prosecutor is especially valuable. Read More »

Drug trafficking

We handle both state and federal drug trafficking charges related to meth (methamphetamines), cocaine, marijuana and other controlled substances. Read More »

Drug conspiracy charges

A conspiracy to distribute charge can expose you to the same penalties as individuals who actually “distributed.” Protect your rights and talk to our lawyer today. Read More »

White collar crimes

Don't wait to begin your defense. Our firm can begin protecting your rights from the onset of a fraud or embezzlement investigation and start working to build a strong defense today. Read More »

Violent crimes

We provide thoughtful and aggressive defense against charges of violent crime in both state and federal courts. Read More »


As a former prosecutor himself, Sean Chapman understands what prosecutors must prove and how to use the inconsistencies in their case to your advantage. Read More »

Sex crimes

We use our decades of experience to vigorously challenge the allegations and evidence in cases involving sex crimes, including rape (sexual assault), Internet sex crimes and other sex offenses. Read More »

Internet crimes

When you are facing charges involving Internet or computer crimes, such as Internet sex crimes involving children, the prosecution has nearly limitless evidence right on your computer hard drive. You need an experienced criminal defense lawyer who knows how to handle these cases. Read More »

Property crimes

We represent juvenile and adult defendants charged with various types of property crimes, including residential or commercial burglary, criminal trespass and arson. Read More »

Robbery, burglary and theft

If you've been charged with a theft-related crime involving home invasion, armed robbery or other serious theft crime, seek out experienced legal help as soon as possible. Read More »

Defense of law enforcement officers

Our law firm's clients have included law enforcement officials, federal agents, border patrol agents, Arizona Department of Public Safety officers and other government employees who have been accused of criminal activity. Read More »


Whether you are facing felony DUI charges for drunk driving or are facing charges following a drunk driving accident that caused someone else's death, you need aggressive and experienced advocacy. Read More »

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