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Mr. Chapman is our superhero!

July 29, 2015 Like many other people with a legal problem, I once desperately looked for an attorney. I was in search of an honest attorney because the matter at stake involved one of the most important persons in my life, my mother. My mother was facing felony charges, not one or two, but six of them. When I first became aware of this, it seemed unreal. Our entire family was in disbelief and torn apart. We couldn’t believe that such a horrible thing was happening to such a caring person who has devoted her life to her husband, five children, and eight grandchildren. A loving wife, mother, and grandmother, was facing six counts of level six felony charges. It turns out that my mother had a case pending for animal cruelty from 10 years ago and had no knowledge of it. This was unreal; everyone who knows my mother also knows that she would never hurt anything or anyone. It turned out that my mother’s prior legal counsel from 10 years ago had given her misleading information, making her believe her case was over and that she had nothing else to worry about. My mother, who only speaks Spanish, trusted them. Ten years later my mother was arrested at an international airport because of an outstanding warrant issued by the State of Arizona for the case that she was made believe was over. She was released on bail in California, but was to appear in Arizona. Now my mother was 10 years older and battling many medical conditions that unfortunately became worse after her arrest. That was not our only worry though, although my mother has lived most of her life her in the United States, she is only a resident. Her immigration status would be greatly affected by the outcome of the case. To top it off, the person who lied to her and who was fully responsible, the only person who could clear things up was now dead. My mother means the world to my father, my siblings, and I. What would be of our family if she was taken away? That was only one of the many questions and worries that circulated every family member’s mind. The thought of having my kids separated from their grandmother who had cared for them since their birth, tore me to pieces. For many nights I couldn’t sleep thinking of what might be my mother’s fate if we didn’t come across an attorney who we could trust all the way. When reaching out to family and friends for help and advice in this monstrous problem that was all so new and extremely difficult for us all, we came across a few possible attorneys to hire. One of my family’s biggest fear was hiring an attorney who might just take our money and dump the case since we were in California trying to hire an Arizona attorney without meeting them in person. After consulting various attorneys by phone, one attorney stood out, Mr. Sean Chapman. Mr. Chapman spoke in a calm manner and took time to get as much detail as he needed before we even hired him. No other attorney would go beyond the initial phone consult without asking for payment. We knew he was the attorney we could trust with my mother’s case. We placed everything in God’s hands and we hired Mr. Chapman without even meeting him in person, but when we finally did get to meet him we knew we didn’t make a mistake in trusting him. My mother resides in California and the case was in Arizona, which meant that traveling back and forth for hearings would be a financial burden. Thankfully, my mother only appeared for her initial hearing, there after Mr. Chapman was able to waive her presence for the hearings for several months. An outstanding member to Mr. Chapman’s team is his assistant Serena. Throughout the case Mr. Chapman and Serena kept us informed of all the details about the case. Communication was excellent. When I would call the office, Serena was so well informed about the case that she would almost always answer questions my mother and I had. If Serena didn’t have an answer for us she would have Mr. Chapman call us back that day or the next. Serena was also very helpful in translating information for my mother. Finally after many hearings, Mr. Chapman wrote a very detailed motion in which he demonstrated his thorough knowledge of the law and of my mother’s case. It was evident, through his close attention to meticulous detail, that he spent countless hours doing research to provide as much evidence as he could to get my mother’s case dismissed. Thanks to God and Mr. Chapman, a few days after the motion was submitted the case was dismissed. We will forever be thankful with Mr. Chapman for bringing back peace and happiness to our family. For all of you, who are out there desperately looking for an ethical, knowledgeable, caring, and trustworthy attorney, consider Mr. Chapman because we did and that’s the best thing we could have ever done. Mr. Chapman is our superhero!

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