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A Tucson Super Lawyer

When I was FALSELY accused of a sex crime with a minor, I could not have been more fortunate to find such a superb lawyer team working on my behalf. Sean Chapman, being one of the attorneys on my case, worked for over two years, diligently through every detail and meticulously created an outstanding and solid defense. Sean understood that dealing with CPS needs to be taken very seriously as they do not care about anyone or anything except destroying families. His demeanor with all CPS case workers, managers and “expert witnesses” on the stand during my trial was magnificent! Bringing out the lies that CPS spins and showing the jury exactly what kind of organization they are. When I told people my lawyer was Sean Chapman, you could see the recognition of respect for that name in their faces, which gave me the encouragement I needed to stay strong through my case. I recommend the Law office of Sean Chapman for even the most serious of cases, especially when dealing with CPS. As a two time US Marine combat veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, I now have someone, other than a fellow Marine and my other attorney, to owe my freedom to. “NOT GUILTY” on 3 counts and 1 charge completely dismissed. Thank you, Sean!

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