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Sean Chapman

After successfully defending myself against a traffic ticket in high school, I knew I was meant to be a criminal lawyer.

Since then I have gone on to defend people throughout Arizona and beyond, facing much more serious charges. No matter how big or small the case, though, my priority remains the same: giving each client their best chance at success.

More About Me

Arizona Criminal Defense Attorney

Experience as a federal prosecutor

Winning an argument becomes a lot easier when you can anticipate the other person’s strategy. With me, that’s exactly what you get — someone who knows how the other side thinks.

As a former prosecutor, I know what it takes to prove someone’s guilt. In turn, I know how to defend someone who is innocent or facing harsher penalties than necessary. And, thanks to my vast experience, I am prepared to defend you whether your criminal charges are at the state or federal level.

Nearly 30 years combating criminal charges

When your freedom is on the line, you don’t want just anyone defending your rights. You want someone with a proven talent for helping people in your situation. On that note, I invite you to explore my case results. There, you will learn how I’ve successfully defended clients accused of sex crimes, murder, violent crimes, arson, and more. Put that experience on your side.

Practice Areas

Gavel and Handcuffs

Sex Crimes

If you’ve been falsely accused of rape, child molestation, or a similar crime, call me for effective, aggressive defense.

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Law Enforcement Defense

Police and other law enforcement officers are frequently accused of crimes they didn’t commit. Call me for help.

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Violent Crimes

Aggravated assault and battery, armed burglary, sexual assault, murder — I’ve successfully defended them all.

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Federal Drug Charges

Drug crimes charged at the federal level carry severe penalties. Talk to me before saying anything to the police.


State Drug Charges

When you or your child is found with marijuana, heroin, cocaine, or another illegal substance, give me a call.

Scales of Justice

Civil Law

Facing a personal injury, medical malpractice, or wrongful death claim? I can defend you against civil and criminal penalties.

Stories From My Clients

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Call for a free consultation.

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I take on fewer cases to give yours
the attention it deserves

When you become my client, I become absolutely committed to doing everything I can to defend your rights. That means getting familiar with every piece of evidence against you, researching the best possible ways to defend your case, and answering any and all questions you may have along the way. As you can imagine, this takes a great deal of dedicated focus and attention — both of which I’m happy to provide.

While some law firms have a reputation for accepting as many cases as possible, I choose to operate my firm differently. That is, I deliberately keep my caseload small so none of my clients will ever be neglected. After all, a criminal charge could change your entire future. I take that responsibility very seriously.

The fact that you’re visiting my website tells me you’re also very serious about your case. In fact, I believe you’re on a mission to find the best criminal defense you can get in the Tucson, Arizona area.

If you’re still on the fence about whether to give my law firm a call, let me give you a few compelling reasons to pick up your phone:

  1. Our first meeting is completely free. You can meet me, discuss your case, and get answers to your questions without having to pay a dime.
  2. I know my stuff. Since I have nearly 30 years of experience as both a prosecutor and criminal defender, I am very familiar with criminal law in both Arizona and throughout the U.S.
  3. I can defend almost any criminal charge. In fact, I have successfully defended each of the following: sex crimes, law enforcement defense, violent crimes, state and federal drug charges, drug conspiracy, drug trafficking, internet crimes, murder and homicide, property crimes, theft and burglary, and white collar crimes. I also know how to defend the civil charges that sometimes accompany criminal accusations.